Multi-Asset Blockchain

Token economy of blockchain projects are mostly comprised of Ethereum-based cryptocurrencies. These cryptocurrencies serve as a transaction fee on chain, and also as a vital part of Governance. Other assets exist on ERC20 chain in different formats, and their usage vary as well. Orbit Chain allows all assets to exists on its chain in a same format, even the ones that exists in different forms outside of Orbit Chain.

Orbit Chain aims to work as a hub for various public blockchains, for fluid asset movement and interaction within a single blockchain network. Every blockchain has a different set of constituents and protocols, such as UTXO and Balance-state. Connecting these blockchains together is no easy feat, but through Orbit Chain, all of these chains can be linked and utilized in the same fashion, with the same amount of liquidity. To this purpose, Orbit Chain provides a system that will use a singular method of transaction to building Dapps, which will then be able to use various assets in the same manner. In doing so, the previous liquidity problem of traditional blockchain systems will be eliminated, in the standardization of multi-asset usage.

Orbit will also include, in addition to cryptocurrencies, more traditional forms of assets within Orbit Chain. This connection will be made in a different format than cryptocurrencies, yet still connected to all in a similar fashion.

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