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Cryptocurrency personal users

Previous users of cryptocurrencies had to use different wallets for every type of cryptocurrencies they owned. And to trade between different types of cryptocurrencies, they had to be sent to a centralized exchange, and then after trading, had to be sent to another wallet. This is a hassle that is eliminated in Orbit Chain, as only Orbit Chain is necessary to utilize all cryptocurrencies it supports.

‌Dapp & Protocol developers

For many Dapp and Protocol developers, choosing a blockchain platform to develop on can be difficult. They want their service to be accessible to many users. In order to achieve that, a blockchain platform where various assets can easily be accessed would be ideal. Orbit Chain achieves precisely that, and allows Dapp and Protocol developers to utilize Smart Contract with all assets supported by the chain through transactions.

Public Blockchain Platform Developer

Most, if not all Blockchain developers want the assets of their ecosystem to be connected and expanded with as many blockchains as possible. However, to achieve this, a large amount of monetary and developing resources are required. Also, to maintain this connectivity with the latest versions of Mainnets, continual resources are required. Should these developers connect to Orbit Chain, they can maintain their own Mainnet identity, yet gain access to other blockchains’ ecosystems and utilize DEX and DeFi as their side transaction channels.

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