2Q, 2019

  • Official introduction of Orbit Chain

  • Introduction of Orbit Chain technology, and its structure

  • Introduction of major Validator partners, and staking begins

  • XRP Mainnet connected

3Q, 2019

  • Lightpaper released

  • Decentralized Governance tool launched

  • Developer-friendly Testnet ‘Avocado’ launched

  • Terra & Klaytn Mainnet connected

4Q, 2019

  • Whitepaper released

  • Decentralized token swap service utilizing IBC launched

1Q, 2020

  • Orbit Chain Mainnet launched

  • Instant Swap-based DEX protocol launched

  • Another Mainnet connected to Orbit Chain

2Q, 2020

  • Protocol for DeFi additionally developed, and instated

  • 8-10 Dapp development projects secured

  • Another Mainnet connected to Orbit Chain

*Roadmap schedules are subject to change, depending on development process / company directions.

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