Orbit Chain SDK

Definition of service system layer for blockchain (fig. Blockchain based service layer) shows that there is some limitations in providing commercialized service on blockchain.

Limitations of Single Layer Block Chain Services

  • Synchronizing data on legacy centralized database with blockchain database

  • Slow and limited throughput of blockchain client

  • Limited blockchain query

  • Limited interoperability between various blockchain and centralized service

Orbit Chain will provide Orbit SDK to commercialize blockchain based service through the following system layer after many trials and bug fix by ourselves.

  • Service layers that considered for direct service and user experience

  • Provide REST, SOCKET which will support easy, stable and reliable connectivity between centralized legacy services and decentralized blockchain based service.

  • Unified API to connect all blockchain by Orbit SDK

  • System that can provide centralized experience without harm to decentralized governance/system

    • JSON RPC wrapper layer

      • Provide lower level standard communication protocol to communicate with various public chains such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and other chains and support extension and interoperability.

    • Sync module : distributed ledger to RDB

      • Instance syncing multi-database system

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