Bitcoin IBC protocol


Before you send Bitcoin to our multi-sig wallet, you have to do mapping your BTC address and Orbit address to the Orbit network

For mapping your address, you have to send mapping transaction to BtcPeggingContract

function setDepositDestinations(bytes32[] memory btcPubKeyX, bytes32[] memory btcPubKeyY, address[] memory toAddrs, address[] memory extraToAddrs, bytes32[] memory nonces, uint8[] memory v, bytes32[] memory r, bytes32[] memory s) public

If mapping succeed,

event DepositDestinationsMapping(bytes32 btcPubKeyX, bytes32 btcPubKeyY, address toAddr, address extraToAddr);

DepositDestinationsMapping event occur in BtcPeggingContract

After deposit destination is mapped, you can send Bitcoin to our multi-sig wallet

You have to use p2sh wallet for sending bitcoin to our multi-sig wallet.

V[in] UTXO in your transaction have to solve by public key

After your transaction is 1 confirmed, Orbit btc operator, validator will begin to proceed your deposit

event DepositValidated(bytes32 txid, uint vout, uint amount, bytes scriptPubKey, address toAddr, address extraToAddr, bytes32 depositPubKeyX, bytes32 depositPubKeyY)
event BalanceChange(address indexed user, bytes32 indexed tokenId, uint balance);


Send a withdrawal transaction to Orbit Balancecontract

function withdrawBySignature(bytes32[] memory bytes32s, uint[] memory uints, address fromAddr, bytes memory destination, bytes memory comment, uint8 v) public
function withdraw(bytes32 tokenId, bytes memory destination, uint amount, bytes memory comment) public

Then, Bitcoin IBC operator and Validator begin to proceed this withdrawal

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